Surveillance Systems 

  • Desmond Tech works with property owners and businesses to provide high quality and budget friendly surveillance systems. 

The Process

  • Give us a call to arrange a walk though and a free quote

  • Dennis will come out to your property and discuss a custom tailored budget friendly solution

  • When you are ready to go forward we will sign a contract and collect a deposit for the parts

  • Shipping of parts takes approximately 2 weeks, most wiring can be installed during this time

  • The system will be installed and a final handover will be scheduled. Passwords can be set by the customer and a demo of the system will be provided. The final payment will be collected at this time

Parts of the system

The Brain-Network Video Recorder

  • Records and stores all camera footage

  • Holds 2+ Hard Drives for memory

The Body-CAT6 Industry Standard Wiring

  • Provides data and power in one reliable wire

  • Allows for high speeds which allows better quality recording

The Eyes- Network Cameras

  • Power Over Ethernet(POE) only requires one CAT 6 wire for power and signal

  • 3 Mega Pixel and up resolution

  • 180 and 360 degree cameras available

  • Night vision available

Outdoor Materials-Waterproof 

  • Conduit with water tight fittings ensures the CAT 6 wiring stays safe in harsh environments