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Meet Our Partners!

Dennis Desmond

Dennis Desmond is a 2015 graduate of Wentworth Institute of Technology holding a bachelor of science in Electromechanical Engineering with an Applied Mathematics minor. Dennis has been working on camera projects since his cooperative working experience in 2013. His specialty is adding cameras to existing buildings as well as integration of Visual Displays. He is part of the decision making body of the Desmond Tech LLC.

Moriah Desmond

Moriah Desmond is a Graduate of Hampton University with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. With Experience of Handling Business from previous Ventures, She is responsible of the Financial Decisions, Office Management, Administrator, Hiring and Firing of Personnel, and Payroll. She is the biggest key to day to day operations and will be managing projects and handling personnel.

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Phone: 617-459-9863


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